Cloud Migration, Application Modernization and Hybrid Cloud in 2017

If you work in enterprise IT you’ve heard the phrases “cloud migration”, “application modernization” and “hybrid cloud” almost ad nauseum. But these IT trends aren’t just being discussed at industry trade shows anymore—now they are major initiatives for enterprise organizations across the globe.

So what are these initiatives? And what do they mean for you and your organization?

The ELK Stack on Apcera

The newest version of the ELK Stack components (or the "Elastic Stack" as Elastic is now calling it) went live several weeks ago. This update brings out the fives—Elasticsearch 5.0, Logstash 5.0, and Kibana 5.0.

Giving Back: Apcera's 2nd Annual Toy Drive

At Apcera, we try to make giving back to our community a team event. When our office building announced a toy drive last year, benefitting the San Francisco Firefighter’s Toy Program, I knew I could count on the participation of our team. We decided to divide the company into groups and announced Apcera’s 1st Annual Toy Drive. The Apcera Family is a competitive one and team rivalry led to an amazing 678 toys donated in 2015.

Overcoming Docker Storage Challenges with the Apcera Platform

Of all of the challenges inherent in running Docker in production, this is probably the one that is the least “solved”. Containers are great for “stateless” situations right out of the box where the workload doesn’t have to access data already stored some place or write data that persists some place to be used after it has shuffled off this mortal coil.

Persistent Storage to Enable Modernization of Existing Applications

Abstraction is the key to success in IT. It’s all around us. If you can can abstract things through software your ability to be agile when the next wave comes is second to none. Sadly, most existing applications are written that are running enterprise businesses are still operating system dependent. That operating system is then very infrastructure dependent which is why so many existing applications aren’t cloud-ready or portable yet.

Your Guide to Legacy Application Modernization and Cloud Migration

Containers and cloud infrastructure have captured the imagination of IT professionals—and why shouldn’t they? These technologies deliver significant improvements in speed, agility and scale. The problem is that most enterprises are not yet ready to embrace this technology because they are still dependent on legacy applications.