2.1 LICENSE FEES. None, nada, zilch! It’s free of charge, really.


Here at Apcera HQ, it’s hard not to get swept up in the enthusiasm surrounding the launch around Apcera Platform Community Edition….even in the Legal Department, which is often considered the traditional bastion of conservatism and boringness within companies. The title of this post is actually a cut and paste from our Community Edition terms and conditions.

Don’t you hate it when contracts are mired in legalese and mumbo jumbo? Are you sometimes afraid that if you click on those pesky install terms and conditions that you've accidentally pledged your first born child? Well, not so at Apcera.

We had a little nerd fun in making it exceptionally clear in plain old English that this Community Edition is FREE! And besides, we don’t want your kids or your body parts anyway.

Why is it free you ask? Three reasons: 

  1. Because at Apcera we know that developers are driving innovation and need to explore the coolest, next generation tools.
  2. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to see how cool our trusted cloud platform is. So go ahead take it for a spin. We are proud of what we have made. Our goal is ubiquity.
  3. The more people that use the product, the better feedback we get to make improvements. You can even use the Community Edition in production as long as you keep giving us feedback; that way we can make our software even more awesome. 

No longer do we long to use fun, playful words like ‘zilch’ and ‘nada’ in a contract. We might have even broken new legal ground by introducing an exclamation point into a contract—a punctuation mark which has long been ostracized by the cooler crowd of periods, commas, apostrophes and the fraternal twins, colon and semicolon. Fortunately, we didn't get carried away with the agreement so we are able to represent, warrant and covenant that the agreement does not contain any emoticons. If our company were a pickup truck, it would have the bumper sticker: Our cloud software terms and conditions are cooler than yours: https://www.apcera.com/community-edition-agreement.