Apcera Gives Back: Our Community Involvement

In the last couple of months, Apcera has launched initiatives to assess and take responsibility for our corporate footprint, including a greener office space and a focus social responsibility. As a team, we have volunteered with San Francisco organizations in the past and enjoyed working together to make a difference. After our last visit to Glide Memorial, many of my fellow Apcerians approached me with questions. “When can we volunteer next?” “What other organizations could we work with?” “Could we be doing more?”.  It was clear that giving back to our community was something Team Apcera wanted to prioritize.

Apcera Gives Back - The Bread Project

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Apcera’s community involvement program, “Apcera Gives Back”. Apcera is proud to partner with The Bread Project, Techbridge, Glide Memorial Church, and Project Night Night to empower low income residents of the Bay Area, spark a passion for STEM in young girls, fill the bellies of the homeless in San Francisco, and bring a sense of safety and comfort to homeless children across the United States.

The Bread Project focuses on low-income residents in the Bay Area, including immigrants, refugees, and the formerly incarcerated, facing barriers to employment. Apcerians will be helping to prepare these students for reentry into the workforce, through soft skills instruction such as résumé preparation and interview training, as well as assistance in the bakery. As reported by the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, more than 60% of formerly incarcerated men and women remain jobless one year following release. Having a stable income is the first step for many families in keeping a roof over their heads and food on the tables. The Bread Project reports that after completing a three-week Bakery Bootcamp, many of the graduates find employment in the foodservice industry within one month.

We are excitedly awaiting the beginning of the school year this fall, so that we can host a group of Techbridge Girls at Apcera HQ. Our volunteers will discuss the career paths that led them to Apcera, complete an interactive workshop with their mentees, and close out the day with an office scavenger hunt. Apcera has been vocal in the past about the lack of women in tech and what that means for our industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that by the year 2020, there will be 1.4 million new jobs available in computer related fields. Women are estimated to fill only 3% of those roles. By welcoming these future minds to our office in SoMa for a half day field trip, we hope to inspire a passion for STEM learning and display the many career opportunities these girls have in front of them.

Glide Church has long been a staple in the fight for inclusion, just treatment for all kinds, and a supportive community in San Francisco. An ASR report in 2015 counted 6,686 homeless individuals living in shelters and on the streets of San Francisco. These people are often hungry and need help getting their next meal. Team Apcera has made wonderful connections volunteering with Glide in the past, and we’re looking forward to continuing to assist Glide serve over 2,000 free meals daily to the homeless.

The San Francisco Coalition on Homelessness reports that there are over 3,300 homeless children living in our city. A 2014 report by AIR, counted 2.5 million homeless children in the United States. That is roughly the population of Chicago, IL. Project Night Night delivers 25,000 packages, containing a book, blanket, and stuffed animal, to homeless children each year.  Beginning in May and running through the month of June, Apcera will help deliver ‘Night Night Packages’ to homeless children in the United States.  We have had great success with donation drives in the past (check out the annual Toy Drive) and I have no doubt that my fellow Apcerians will make this the best one yet.

Apcera Gives Back Program

I’m so excited to co-chair this program, along with my colleague Martha Soto. We know that each person needs a helping hand at some point in their lives and it means a great deal to me to be part of a company that values taking care of one another. We’re looking forward joining our teammates in making meaningful changes and connections with those in our community.

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