An Open Letter to the Enterprise: Innovation, Meet Trust

Over the past 15 years I’ve seen the power of cloud computing radically transform the way we innovate. Speed, agility and scale have captivated many business leaders and technologists. Organizations need to innovate at a faster pace, and cloud computing technologies have long been considered the catalyst. But while some organizations were quick to adopt cloud infrastructure, many large enterprises have been hesitant to take the leap. And for good reason.

The world of cloud and Modern IT is different and complex, and with change and complexity comes new security vulnerabilities. Early adopters embraced the mantra “innovate or die,” choosing to ignore the consequences of innovating without visibility, proper controls, and security. Yes, they got to the cloud quickly, but at what expense?

Enterprises today can’t afford to ignore these consequences because they know that innovation requires trust. Back in 2012 I saw this growing gap between innovation and trust, and saw that there wasn’t a solution in the market that could holistically provide speed, security and scale, all in a single, integrated platform.

These were very hard problems, and ones that I wanted Apcera to solve. So we spent several years in stealth, architecting and building a next-generation platform that could deliver unprecedented performance, control and security. Our goal was to build a platform to deploy, orchestrate and govern any application or workload on and across any cloud environment—from private and public to hybrid and multi-cloud. We wanted to make it easier for our customers to trust the platform.

The past year we’ve been in the market has been incredibly eye-opening. Enterprises have  enthusiastically embraced our approach, our platform, our company and our people. They recognized the importance of having and delivering a truly trusted infrastructure, to their customers, partners and employees. And as we’ve begun delivering Apcera’s cloud application platform to our enterprise customers, it has inspired me and our team to be more focused and push even harder than ever. Getting better faster is never lost on customers.

Today you will notice Apcera has a new website and a new logo. These changes are a symbol of the next chapter in our journey as a company, and equally, a testament of our commitment to our customers and prospective customers across the globe.

apcera primary logo

The new Apcera logo has layers of meaning for us. It evokes a flexible, multi-cloud, purpose-built arrangement, with the many colors and shapes overlapping to create a single system—the Apcera Platform. Our platform brings assemblance and the ability to easily connect and extend all infrastructure. The world of Modern IT is only becoming more complex and abstract, which is why we are dedicated to delivering structure, performance and security to our customers in a simple and easier fashion. I believe our logo reflects that.

Our new website reflects our vision: a world where innovation and trust are one, where businesses can drive innovation and bring new products and services to market faster, all on a secure and trusted platform.

I am proud of our team and our platform—the “trusted cloud platform”, as we like to call it. I am proud of the fact that we have enabled organizations to reduce cost, move and deliver innovation faster and maximize their current infrastructure investments all while maintaining enterprise-grade security. And I am proud of the fact that enterprises are no longer bound by the ties that have held them back in the past. The next 15 years will be even better than the last. Everything is accelerating, are you prepared to not only keep up but outpace the competition? Let us help.

Innovation, Meet Trust.