Docker in Production: Regaining the Promise

In 2013, Docker burst on the scene full of promises. Promise of a simple user experience for a set of Linux components (the container) that would provide better hardware utilization. Promise of lightning-quick application startup times. Promise of a new way to package applications and their dependencies. Promise of choice between hosting environments. Promise of portability between development and production, and so on.

To their credit many of these promises have borne fruit. But along the way, people have discovered that the reality on the ground of using this technology isn’t always as simple. One example is the last promise mentioned. Sure, Docker makes it possible for a developer working at her workstation to create a container on her laptop that could be shipped right up to production. But you’d be hard pressed to find anyone running a production environment of any size who wants to construct a production environment out of the contents of a developer’s laptop.

In this paper we’re going to look at some of the key complexities that need to be accounted for when using Docker in production and Apcera’s approaches for successfully addressing them in the Apcera Platform.

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