The Apcera Platform

Enterprise-Grade Container Management for Cloud Native and Legacy Applications

Apcera is an enterprise-grade container management platform with workflow, orchestration, scheduling, storage, networking, plus a container engine, delivering a complete, enterprise-ready solution for businesses.

Manage any Workload

  • Legacy
  • Cloud-Native
  • Web
  • Complex Workloads
  • VMs
  • IoT

Across Any infrastructure

  • Deploy
  • Orchestrate
  • Govern

On any Infrastructure

  • Bare Metal
  • On-Prem
  • Private Cloud
  • Public Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud

Enterprise-Grade Capabilities

  • Cloud-native & Legacy

    Leverage a composable staging pipeline to build containers from source or Docker images. Built-in stagers for multiple languages (e.g. Ruby, Java, Go, PERL, PHP, Python) and service integration, creation and management.


    Security, governance and enforcement live at the core of Apcera. The platform’s deny-all system only functions as explicitly permitted by policy and our granular policy syntax gives you robust control over your users, applications and infrastructure so there are no open doors.

  • True Hybrid

    Apcera can be installed anywhere that can run Linux, including bare metal, VMware, OpenStack, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. And Apcera treats each of these environments as part of a single cluster so you can move applications across infrastructure without breaking dependencies or governance.

  • Advanced Networking

    Receive isolation and control at the application level with full networking support, including automated IP addressing, distributed firewall management, multi-cloud virtual network configuration, internal service discovery, load balancing and cluster DNS.

  • Full Stack

    Apcera is a single solution that integrates with your preferred services and provides orchestration, scheduling, storage (Amazon S3, NFS, CIFS), databases (MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, Redis, Memcached), logging, health monitoring, auditing and much more.

  • Turnkey

    Production ready, out of the box. Easy to implement and work with, our industry-leading policy system is designed to get you up and running fast without compromise.

Industry-Leading Policy System

  • Workload composition

    Gain control, transparency and visibility into the composition of your containers and workloads.

  • Workload resource management

    Set usage and SLAs across your IT resources, including ceilings and floors for memory, CPU, disk and network.

  • Workload Scheduling and Placement

    Manage placement and restrictions, so your workloads run only where you want them to and use only intended resources.

  • Workload Connectivity and Communication

    Enforce policy with a real-time programmable network, on any infrastructure, at the speed of deployment and orchestration.

Networking And Nano-Segmentation

Apcera provides a real-time, software-defined programmable network with Nano-Segmentation. This functionality manages all network communication across on-premises and cloud environments—down to the application level. Unlock the potential of containers with enterprise-grade network controls and segmentation for your applications.

Networking Nano-Segmentation

Apcera’s programmable network with Nano-Segmentation includes:

  • Routing
  • App / Container Firewall
  • Multi-Cloud Overlay Network
  • Load Balancing
  • Governed by Policy
  • Network Address Translation

Enterprise Solutions

Modernize Legacy Applications

Modernize Legacy Applications

Legacy applications are expensive-to-maintain and inflexible due to infrastructure requirements and dependencies. Apcera provides a modernization approach that abstracts away the underlying dependencies so your legacy applications can be deployed across any infrastructure.

Run Docker in Production

Docker in Production, Securely

Apcera supports Docker, the most popular container format. Docker running on Apcera’s enterprise-grade container management platform means you can easily take your Docker images from test and dev environments and deploy them to production with complete confidence and trust.

Hybrid Cloud Enablement

Multi and Hybrid Cloud Portability

Enterprises can’t grow if their applications are trapped on-premises or locked within a single cloud. Apcera avoids lock-in by treating all infrastructure (bare metal, on-premises and cloud environments) as a single cluster, allowing you to move workloads across environments without breaking dependencies or governance—in as little as 5 seconds.

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