The Role of Policy in Governing and Securing the Cloud

What is IT Policy and How Does it Work?

Policy is simply explained as the rules that define how your infrastructure and workloads should be used. This type of rulemaking gives you more control to govern and secure your company’s data and resources.

Policy shows conscious intent; when you can establish clear and concise rules for your infrastructure and how you intend for it to be used, you will instantly reduce the likelihood of security breaches or human error.

With online threats becoming increasingly sophisticated, organizations must be one step ahead. Policy-driven platforms that manage, control and secure applications (and the entire infrastructure) are crucial for protecting organizations both large and small.

How Policy is Revolutionizing Modern IT Practices

Policy allows you to quickly and efficiently develop, test, deploy, run and manage workloads, and connect to both new cloud and older on-prem infrastructures into one seamless working system.

Policy is applied directly to the workload through four key areas:

Apcera 4 pillars of policy

Embracing IT Policy at Your Organization

Your IT policy is unique to your organization. It holds several strategic benefits for the entire company. Having a built-in policy from the beginning allows workloads go from concept to development to deployment and production much more efficiently.

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