Legacy Application Modernization

Statically configured, monolithic applications are designed to run on-premises in private data centers and don’t benefit from the agility, affordability and performance boost the cloud provides. They also present enterprises with multiple challenges:

  • Infrastructure Lock-in
  • Resource intensive to update and maintain
  • Long release cycles
  • Difficult to thoroughly test
  • Deployment difficulties

Apcera lets you easily modernize existing x86 workloads to run on modern cloud infrastructures. Choose the proper infrastructure environment (on-premises or off) that delivers the best performance, location and price.

  • Enables fast-paced innovation
  • Controls IT costs
  • Makes IT more proactive
  • Provides new ways to consume information


nextSource + Apcera: Fastest Time to Value

“We have probably done more development work in the past six months than we did over the last three years.”

-- nextSource CEO Catherine Candland

Market pressure demands the agility of modern application architectures and multi/hybrid cloud environments, however starting over from scratch is rarely a viable option. nextSource sought to incrementally modernize its monolithic applications to gain the benefits of today’s technologies without disrupting their current business.

After careful evaluation, nextSource concluded that Apcera was the right solution for their application modernization initiative. Apcera is the most flexible, resource-efficient platform and offered the fastest time to value as it is workload and infrastructure agnostic.

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