Workload Placement and Portability in an Advanced Policy-Based Infrastructure Platform

We are now at the point where managing the complexity of a multi-cloud, multi-location, or multi-providers infrastructure can no longer be handled through greater amounts of manual effort. If the tools we use for managing workloads cannot keep up with this overflowing set of requirements, there is no way we will be able to scale our efforts. A key part of this complexity comes from the challenges associated with workload placement and the difficulty of providing workload portability. This paper discusses those challenges along with the operational, economic and regulatory incentives that drive us to meet them.

Apcera offers a platform that takes on these challenge cross-public and private infrastructures. Not only does it handle a diverse set of workloads hosted on and off-prem in private and public clouds, but it does so with a policy engine at its core. This lets an operations group set policies to direct workloads where they need to go or easily move them as necessary while still allowing the users to gain access to the resources they need without any manual intervention. This paper discusses the features of the platform that makes this all possible.

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